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Upgrading HMC to V7R7.9.0.1 Using network update

[sorry my bad english] 0. Check the firmware x HMC version matrix...

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PowerAdm v0.8-beta released. Now works with VMware vCenter Orchestrator

Hello everyone. Few days ago I came here to post about my personal project ‘PowerAdm’ a Python tool for IBM Power / PowerVM...

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install -C installp: An error occurred during bosboot verification processing.

This can occur when installing a fileset is interrupted. The package stay in APPLYING or COMMITING state. sysmgtlib.libraries.apps...

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PowerAdm - Python Tool to Power

Hello everybody! (First, sorry for my bad english) We do not appear in my blog a long time. Over the last few weeks I have played a...

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Installing IBM lin_tape and lin_taped on Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

Installing IBM lin_tape on Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Steps for install lin_tape and lin_taped: 1. Download the lin_tape source...

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