PowerAdm v0.8-beta released. Now works with VMware vCenter Orchestrator

Posted by Kairo Araujo on Sun 18 January 2015

Hello everyone.

Few days ago I came here to post about my personal project ‘PowerAdm’ a Python tool for IBM Power / PowerVM administration.

Today I am releasing the version v0.8-beta. This new release improves a few things and also add an interface (workflow) for VMware vCenter Orchestrator (VCO).

With this interface now it is possible to request and create LPAR using vCenter Orchestrator.

The Workflow has tree steps:

  • LPAR request

  • LPAR config (approval)

  • Confirm Config (approval)

I am also working on NIM Deploy module to vCO. Coming soon.

For more information visit:

PowerAdm: http://poweradm.org

vCO workflow for PowerAdm: https://github.com/kairoaraujo/PowerAdm/wiki/vCO-for-PowerAdm




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