I am Kairo Araujo and I work with IT since 2000. I am specialized on IBM Power (PowerVM & AIX), Linux and in the last years on Cloud Computing and Virtualization.

I discovered the Python language and now I have working with this a lot in my IT area.

You can see my full updated CV on LinkedIn .


In February of 2016 I started to contribute with OpenStack .

I started to contribute with simple Python patches and helping to review the codes for PowerVM/IBM Power.

I can be reached via IRC on Freenode on channel #openstack-powervm

PowerAdm & STGAdm

  • PowerAdm

This is my 'own' opens source project. The first tool I have been created using Python. (The code need to be improved, if you would like help me, fell free to contact me).

The PowerAdm is a simple tool to help on IBM Power/PowerVM administration. It has a integration with VMware vCenter Orchestrator if necessary.

Please, check out: http://poweradm.org

  • STGAdm

STGAdm (Storage Adm) is a simple tool wrote in Python to help on Storage Disk Administration, it supports the IBM and EMC Storages.

Please, check out: http://github.com/kairoaraujo/STGAdm

[ All opinions is my own ]