My name is Kairo Araujo, 40+ years old. I was born in Brazil, married, father of a lovely boy, and living in The Netherlands since 2018.

I love Information Technology(IT)/Open Source, and I have the pleasure to work with IT. I have worked managing systems and solving problems since 1999. :)

Currently I work as a Open Source Software Engineer at VMware.

I worked many years as Unix System Administrator, specializing in AIX, POWER Systems, and Linux.

Around 2013 I decided to start self-studying Software Engineering and Python.

In 2016, my System Administration was more focused on doing more automation, working more in SRE/DevOps field. In 2017 I had the opportunity to start my career transition and work as a Software Engineer full time.

I like riding road bikes, running, beer and cooking.

Contact: kairoaraujo [@] gmail.com