Kairo Araujo

Software Engineer, Python, GoLang, Automation. Former AIX/Linux Engineer

Pelican blog with Github Pages (Github.io)

This post is how I use Pelican. I guess I found a good way to have it. Keep in mind, I didn't create this way fully by my self, I went...

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Python Developer and Open Source

Since March 1st (2018) I have been working as Python Developer (Solution Engineer). It was a big change in my life as I had been working...

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New Ansible module AIX Devices

New Ansible module to manage devices on AIX

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AIX & PowerVM automation with Ansible

Using Ansible to manage AIX/PowerVM servers

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Starting again my website

Last night I did prepare a big post to use in some service and it didn't work. Final store? I lost everything that I wrote. After that I...

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